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Sketching in the Lake District for a new

landscape series


Working as a designer and illustrator for over 30 years, painting has been a return to art just for its own sake

A working week includes painting and, for the last 7 years, running a small art school in Seaford, England.


Painting and teaching have proved to be a fulfilling combination with each informing the other. Our fantastic young artists, GCSE and adult workshop students carry an interest and passion for their art that I know so well.


Living where we do in the beautiful South Downs, just a few minutes walk from Cuckmere Haven and the Seven Sisters, the landscape inevitably informs both my representational and abstract work. Our art school, Brasspoint School of Visual Arts, is named after the fourth sister along from the Cuckmere river. 


I have included a link here if you are interested in seeing my earlier commercial design and illustration work:

Education: HND Graphic Design, BA Cultural Studies, MA Fine Art, MA Film Studies, PGCE

Brasspoint school of visual arts

Our 2 studios at the end of the house are an art school from Monday mornings and where I work on my own projects from Friday into the weekend.

I have always thought that it is good for students of any age to be surrounded by other artist's work. It generates a real sense of activity and ideas and gives younger students a view of the lifelong commitment that art can be. As well as my own work on the walls there is a termly rotation of student's work from all our classes.

I have included a link here to the art school website:

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